4.5' Christmas Tree w/Clear Lights & Decorative Planter

Product Description

Make a holiday statement in your home, office, or even apartment with this perfectly sized Christmas Tree. Standing four and a half feet tall, this lush tree has a whopping 275 tips (so it looks really “full”) and 150 clear lights (which stay on even if one goes out). It also comes with a decorative planter, completing the holiday look. Best of all, it never needs water, and will look fresh for Christmases to come.



Height: 4.5 ft
Width: 25 in
Depth: 25 in
Pot size: H: 9 In. W: 8.75 In. D: 8.75 In
Trunk type: Artificial-Non-Bendable
Number of leaves: 275 Tips & 150 Clear Lights