SEA Standard Crispy Soft Percale Pillowcases 100% Breathable Cotton

Product Description

Experience the ultimate comfort and elegance of high quality crispy Cotton Percale with this luxurious cotton percale Pillowcases by Abripedic. Features a construction of 100-percent cotton from long stable yarn woven at 300 thread count per square inch with traditional and breathable percale waver for a real good and restful nights of sleep. The Peracle weave brings irresistible long-lasting luxury, quality and durability. These Percale sheets and Pillowcases are delightful to any bedroom with a beautifully colored hem complements the classic colors for a relaxed and soothing feel.*Percale stands for the weaving process in which the fabric is woven by. In percale bedding, the yarns are woven in one over one which creates a much even, strong, dense, & soft yet crispy fabric, which can stand the test of time and obtain an enhanced feel the more times they are washed. Just like your old favorite shirt, the more it’s laundered the softer and more durable it gets.

100% cotton Percale
300 thread count single-ply
Breathable, crispy, & soft percale
Abripedic Warrants all it's products against all defects

Standard Size: Two Standard/Queen pillowcases 20 inches wide x 30 inches long each